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Ride for Wishes is an event that raises funds to support the Make-A-Wish mission. We do this in memory of Chuck Worden
as a way to carry on his memory, and legacy of heart. For a short video, please visit

You may want to check out the “About Chuck” page. The short version is that Chuck was a man with a big heart, who loved
music, and loved making a difference to people. His caring nature endeared him to so many friends, that after his sudden
passing, those friends, and his family wanted to carry on his legacy of generosity, and Ride for Wishes was created.

Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.
We suggest visiting or our Make-A-Wish page for this information.
©2006-2021 Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America. Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota is a Minnesota nonprofit
corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal Identification
Number (EIN): 41-1422893.

You do not need a motorcycle to attend the Ride for Wishes Music Festival

In order to offer the safest ride possible, we do not have the option to drive other vehicles in the run. However, you are
encouraged to join us at the Music Festival, and support our cause in that way.

Donations made using a check can be mailed to: Attn: Sharon Brandt, Ride for Wishes PO box 228, Hugo, MN 55038-0228
You can also donate online by visiting the Donate section of the website Donate

Please follow this link Volunteer to provide your information via Sign-Up Genius to our volunteer coordinator, Melissa, or
email her directly with any questions –

We have many volunteer opportunities throughout the day, and even prior and after our event. Some of the opportunities
are to assist with set-up/tear-down, working different booths such as admission, merchandise sales, food service, and other
various areas, and selling raffle tickets. This list is not all inclusive. We also have opportunities during the bike run, always
seeking certified road guards, and other safety related positions.

Yes! In most cases, we are able to accommodate special circumstances. Please reach out to to
discuss opportunities.

For the Ride for Wishes Motorcycle Run registration please visit our motorcycle run details page BIKE RUN, note that your
registration includes admission to the Music Festival, and you will not need to purchase that separately.
For the Ride for Wishes Music Festival pre-sale tickets, please visit our Music Festival Details page MUSIC FESTIVAL. Admission for
ages 6 and under is free.

Registration is open from 8 AM to 10 AM at St. Paul Harley-Davidson. The run leaves out at 10:15 AM Sharp! This is a rain
or shine event. In the event of rain delay, we will do our best to provide updates via our social media pages. If rain
prevents the ride, the Music Festival will still proceed as scheduled.

The Ride for Wishes Music Festival doors open at 3 PM. Music is planned to begin at 4 PM.

We have multiple, FANTASTIC bands and encourage you to come early, and stay all night!

Because we work right up until the event to ensure that we are providing the best ride possible we do not provide a map of
the planned route. The route is subject to change in order to avoid areas of significant construction, or other circumstances
that would make the ride less than safe and enjoyable.

We are a large group motorcycle run led by experienced certified Road Captains and Road Guards, and Ride Leaders. We
provide a nice scenic route, and incorporate a few stops along the way to stretch your legs, grab a refreshment or lunch,
and maybe top off the tank. We also have a motorcycle parade, including local fire departments and law enforcement, and
in past years, have escorted children who are wish recipients and their families, along with other special guests, from the
ride’s “last stop” to the music festival as a “Grand Entrance”.

The motorcycle parade is a favorite highlight of Ride for Wishes, bringing the Ride for Wishes Motorcycle Run together with
the Ride for Wishes Music Festival. It is the “Grand Entrance” for some special guests to the event. It includes local Fire
and Law Enforcement Departments, and all motorcycle run participants that choose to join (included in registration). Visit
us on our Facebook page for videos of past years’ parades

If interested in providing road guard services, please contact You do need to be a certified road
guard, and classes can be found through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

This will really depend on how late you are. If you are late to registration, and miss the run by a few minutes, we can
provide you with the stop they are heading to, and your best bet would be to try to meet them there. Since they will be on
a scenic route, and you will most likely be using GPS’s fastest route, it is likely you will arrive to the stop before they do. If
you are trying to jump on during the rest of the day, it may be trickier to pinpoint where they are, but you can certainly
reach out to

to get information about what leg of the run they are on, and where there may be opportunity to
meet up with them. We highly recommend planning to be early at registration, so you can take advantage of the free
pancake breakfast hosted by St. Paul Harley-Davidson.

This is a rain or shine event. For the Ride for Wishes Motorcycle Run, in the event of rain delay, we will do our best to
provide updates via our social media pages. If the rain is significant enough to cancel the run, your registration will still get
you into the Music Festival. Regardless of the weather, the Ride for Wishes Music Festival will still proceed as scheduled.

Because we are a fundraising event, we do not offer any refunds. Rest assured that your registration or pre-sale ticket
purchase are going to a great cause, and supporting us in helping to make wishes come true for children facing critical

-For the Motorcycle Run, you can ride as long as you are a legally licensed rider. However, you must be a minimum of 18
years of age in order to sign the liability waiver to participate in the ride. If you are under 18, your parent must sign the
liability waiver on your behalf.
-For the Music Festival, all ages are welcome until 9pm. After 9pm, you must be 21 years of age to remain inside of The Dog

Limited parking is available on-site, and additional parking is available directly across the street from the event. There is no
cost to park.

Venues would likely be following their governing state guidelines for accessibility. Requests for information are probably
best asked of the specific venue(s).

Coordinating with a group of friends is a fantastic way to spread the word! Word of mouth is a great way for people to
learn about how much fun they will have at The Ride for Wishes Motorcycle Run and The Ride for Wishes Music Festival.
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